Vandals cause upwards of $10,000 damage over long weekend

Vandals cause upwards of $10,000 damage over long weekend
During the long weekend period starting Friday, Aug. 2 to Monday, Aug. 5, the Castlegar RCMP responded to 55 complaints, including expensive   vandalism and one major theft, according to Cpl. Debbie Postnikoff.
"The majority of the complaints were causing a disturbance and mischief related incidents," she said.

Vandals cause major damage to area school

School District workers were busy replacing broken windows with plywood after vandals cause more than $10,000 worth of damage during the BC Day weekend. — The Nelson Daily photo

Nelson Police report that vandals hit an area school during the early hours of Saturday (August 3).

Police received multiple calls at 4 a.m. of glass smashing at L.V. Rogers High School in Fairview.

When police arrived it was apparent vandals caused excessive amount damage, including smashed windows and other damage to the Kootenay Lake School District property.

Kelowna teens violently ill after ingesting ecstasy

Various toxic chemicals are used in the production of the drug known as the club drug.

RCMP is reporting that several Kelowna teens are recovering after they ingested what they believed to be ecstasy and became violently ill Friday (August 2).

Now a Vancouver television station is reporting that a Kelowna girl is dead after ingesting ecstas.

Age of the girl has not been released but RCMP said three youths, 15, 16 and 18 years of age, were ill due to the drug.

"Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that is made in clandestine labs that have no quality controls," the RCMP release said.

Two young Nelson children make alarming discovery

Two young children playing in Nelson found a bag (similar, but not the same amount shown in the above picture) containing approximately $100 of cocaine.

Nelson Police report that two youngsters made an alarming find while playing on the sidewalk near their home Wednesday.

The children aged three and six, were playing with sidewalk chalk on a walkway in front of the family home when the two found a bag of containing white powder on the ground.

“The (older) child, being wise beyond his years, took the powder to his parent,” said Nelson Police Department Sargent Brian Webber in a statement.

Vandals damage/drain second water tank in place for Slocan residents

Vandals damage/drain second water tank in place for Slocan residents

Vandals have now destroyed a second holding tank at Crescent Valley fire hall that was intended to supply Slocan Valley residents with potable water, according to Nelson RCMP Sgt. Darryl Little.

"The first incident occurred overnight when a vehicle was used to overturn the 1,000 gallon tank, resulting in the spigot being knocked off and the water being emptied," he said. "The tires tracks leading to the tank would suggest a pick-up truck was involved. The tank was replaced and filled at approximately 11 am (Wednesday) morning.

Charges laid after a lengthy international money laundering investigation

Cong Dinh . . . Canada Wide warrant issued for arrest

The RCMP Federal Serious Organized Crime (FSOC) partnered with the California Division of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in an international money laundering investigation to collect evidence for charges in Canada.
FSOC, DEA and IRS-CI investigated a Vietnamese Organized Crime (VOC) group allegedly involved in the laundering of approximately $2.7 million dollars obtained from the trafficking of cocaine and ecstasy

Lucky and not-so-lucky night watching Festival of Lights

A 25-foot vessel got hung up on the rocks while watching the Festival of Lights Fireworks in Vancouver. — photo courtesy RCMP

A family of six is lucky not to have suffered serious injury after their boat ended up on a rock jetty during Saturday's Festival of Lights Fireworks display in Vancouver.

Around 11 p.m. Richmond RCMP’S  Marine Unit vessel, The Fraser Guardian, was heading back to base after assisting with water patrols during the Saturday night fireworks display, when they spotted a flashlight out on the Steveston rock jetty.

Water tanker damaged; additional tankers available

Water tanker damaged; additional tankers available

Emergency Operations Centre spokesman Bill Macpherson says one of the water tankers brought to relieve the need in Slocan Valley has been damaged "in a suspicious manner", but there are now additional tankers available to supply residents with potable water.

Williams Lake man arrested for additional violent offences against women

Williams Lake man arrested for additional violent offences against women

Ed Note: The following is a press release issued by RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk:

An April 2013 Smithers investigation into an incident of forcible confinement in a vehicle, has led to several more victims being identified in the Williams Lake area. The alleged incidents predate the Smithers BC matter and spanned from 2007 to 2012 involving the same commercial truck driver.

Castlegar teen killed in car crash

Eighteen-year-old Castlegar resident Travis Hurlbert died Wednesday evening after a motor vehicle accident in Edmonton, Alberta.

A 27-year-old man is facing charges in connection with the accident. Derrick O'Connor has been charged with criminal hit and run causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Additional charges are pending.

Police indicate both speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the collision (on the part of the 27-year-old driver), which happened just before 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

Family members have been notified.

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