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Letter: Law applies to all citizens of Nelson

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
April 15th, 2024

To The Editor:

Dear Mayor Morrison:

The situation with drugs and homelessness in our street seems out of hand. As the temperature is getting warmer, we are seeing more and more drugs addicts and homeless people moving to Nelson.

During my regular day in Nelson I am in contact with individuals committing crimes in our streets at any moment of the day:

  • -when I shop in a local store some dudes are smoking crack on the sidewalk
  • -when I am walking with my kids to dance classes alcohol consumption and abuse is obvious
  • -when I withdraw cash to the ATM, a person under the influence is spying on me
  • -when I walk to the city hall to pay my invoices there is illegal camping, which is clearly tolerated

Theses examples can go on and on and I am sure that we all recognize ourselves.

The situation is clearly increased by the inaction of law enforcement, the mayor and the council.

The council even got threatened at one meeting by a homeless person that he would commit vandalism if nothing was done to answer to their demands.

A double standard of the law is applied where the police tolerates visible drug consumption and violence for some but not all

The law applies to all citizens of Nelson.

I trust your administration to use the judgment and interpretation of the law to ensure that all citizens are treated the same and that the law applies to all ensuring the safety of our streets as a priority.

Alexis Beaumier, Nelson, BC

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