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Op/Ed: Local Governments Congratulate Announcement of the Columbia River Treaty Agreement-in-Principle

The Columbia River Treaty (CRT) Local Governments Committee congratulates the Canadian and United States CRT Negotiating Teams for having announced an Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) for a modernized treaty after over six years of negotiations. This is an exceptional achievement for the five governments in Canada who have worked together to reach this agreement on a complex […]

Op/Ed: Watershed security will require a billion-dollar investment 

By Randy Shore, BCWF PR & Communications Specialist  Watershed security funding is trickling out. We will need a torrent to futureproof our rivers, lakes, and forests. The B.C. Wildlife Federation and its partners have assessed and restored dozens of wetlands, rebuilding the natural infrastructure that kept our watersheds in balance for millennia. Natural, low-tech solutions […]

Column: Truth in Advertising

The fossil fuel industry has made a lot of false or misleading claims over the years: burning the fuels doesn’t cause climate change, there’s no viable replacement for them, “natural” gas is a climate solution, coal power can be “clean,” carbon capture and storage will make oilsands bitumen climate-friendly… But a new rule requiring industry […]

Letter: Nelson Walk for Alzheimer’s raises $7,800

To The Editor: A recent Leger poll showed dementia is a wide-spread personal concern in B.C., ranking among the top four perceived health problems – behind cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Sixty per cent of British Columbians asked expressing worry about personally developing it. On May 26, communities across the province gathered to break down […]

Letter: Interior Health should establish hemodialysis unit at Kootenay Lake Hospital for patients undergoing debilitating physical, financial hardships

To The Editor: I live in a small community called Mirror Lake and I have kidney disease. My two boys live here too. Seth, the oldest, and I live together. When I was told I was sick, it was a shock. Then I was told I had to move to Trail, which was a worse […]

Column: Undeniable economic case for climate action

Working to resolve the climate crisis is a tremendous economic opportunity. Even normally conservative organizations such as the International Monetary Fund agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Of course, the global consumer-based capitalist system encourages waste and destructive practices in the name of financial gain, so the necessary transformational change really requires a […]

Column: Parsing one of British history's powerful figures

A History Maker, observed The true test of character is not adversity. It is possession of power. Give someone power and watch what they do. — anonymous proverb If anyone whatsoever think the interest of Christians and the interest of the nation inconsistent, or two different things, I wish my soul may never enter into […]

Letter: The Heroes of Normandy

To The Editor: Death struck deeply into those who waded ashore on June 6, 1944. Struggling to quickly move from their landing craft to the sand of Normandy beach. Burdened by the heavy weight of their equipment, and the sights and sounds around them. Before them lay a terrifying array of obstacles waiting to trap, […]

Column: The importance of native bees

For many people “bees” means “honeybees” — the prolific insects that flit from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen to take back to their hives. They’re important agricultural pollinators and produce honey and wax that humans gather and use. Their utility to people has heightened fears about “colony collapse disorder,” in which various suspected […]

Op/Ed: Session ends, now onto working hard throughout constituency

Every day that I get to spend as the MLA for Nelson-Creston is an honour, no matter what the day brings. But at end of each legislative session, I get the chance to reflect on the work that I do alongside Premier David Eby and my New Democrat colleagues, and I am reminded what an […]

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