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Putting a spotlight on dysfunctional wildlife policy — Town Hall meetings

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April 23rd, 2024
The B.C. Wildlife Federation is co-hosting a series of Town Hall meetings in anticipation of this year’s provincial election in the coming weeks.

Meetings will be held with local wildlife clubs in Prince George, Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Cranbrook, and Lone Butte.

More Town Halls are being planned in every corner of the province.

We invite MLAs and candidates for office to meet with the people of B.C. to discuss the state of wildlife management in British Columbia.  The BCWF will ensure candidates hear the concerns of voters.

Many of British Columbia’s fish and wildlife populations are in decline. Species such as steelhead and caribou are at risk of extinction. Action is needed to keep species such as moose, mule deer and mountain sheep from the same fate. Key watersheds and habitats are in peril.

Funding for wildlife has been in decline for decades. As a proportion of the provincial budget, funding for renewable resource management is just a fraction of its historical level, declining by 75 per cent between 1993 and today.

This must change before we have any chance to reverse the damage.

The conservation community is demanding key changes to provincial wildlife management:

  • Wildlife management must be conducted by an agency independent of government influence.
  • Funding dedicated to fish and wildlife should be increased and driven by legislated objectives.
  • Public access to public resources must be enshrined in law.
  • Management decisions must be based on science and evidence, and other knowledge systems.

Events are planned for:

  • Prince George, May 4, 10 am, 3333 University Way
  • Smithers, May 4, 7 pm, Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club, 7091 Kroeker Road
  • Cranbrook, May 4, 10 am, Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort, 209 Van Horne Street S
  • Terrace, B.C., May 5, 12 noon, Terrace Rod & Gun Club, 3512 Rifle Range Road
  • Kitimat, May 5, 7 pm, Kitimat Rod and Gun Club, 386 Haisla Blvd., Kitimat
  • Prince Rupert, May 6, 7 pm, Prince Rupert Rod & Gun Club Clubhouse
  • Lone Butte, May 11, 11 am, Lone Butte Community Hall, 5994 Hwy 24, Cariboo
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