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Reel Adventures Fishing Report

Kerry Reed is excited to pull in more fish like this 15-pound Rainbow in November.

Reel Adventures Fishing Charters Fishing Report
By Kerry Reed

Kootenay Lake:

It’s happening. This is my favorite time of the year for fishing Kootenay Lake.

The water temperature has finally dropped to that perfect number and yes, the fish are feeding well. 

At the beginning of October, the fish were scattered throughout the water column, but now they seem to have all reached the surface.

Rainbow trout up to 27 pounds are being caught lately, with lots of fish in the 20-pound range.

In fact, we had three fish over 20 pounds in our boat in a matter of a week.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen these big fish, but now it was worth the wait. 

Also there is a fair number of Bull trout being caught lately in the 15-pound range.
We’ve been catching lots of fish between five to 15 pounds.  It seems that there is definitely a distinct feeding time for these fish each day. 

A lot of times we’ve had one fish on, and another fish hits the other rods. So, it makes for an exciting time.
Here’s an example of some of the excitement: 

Recently I was out with a group of four people.  Once we got the lines in the water, it was only a matter of minutes. 

“Fish on, " I yelled. 

As the line was screaming out, we all stood back and enjoyed the fight.  After about three minutes of fighting this brute, the fish spit the hook.  Good start anyways. 

Another couple minutes pass and a second rod starts screaming out.  Another big fish on,  While we were fighting that fish, I slowed the boat down a little.  Just as the boat slowed, the third rod starts screaming.  A true "Double Header."

We managed to land the second fish and get a quick photo before releasing it, just in time to net the third fish and get a photo and release it.

Both Rainbows were well over 10 pounds, as well as the first one that we lost.  Such a great start to the day.
About 10 minutes go by and guess what…another screamer!!  We fought that fish for about five minutes and then the hook came free.  We caught two more smaller fish before noon, then an afternoon lull in the action.

 It was nice to actually have a break.  We had lunch on the boat and continued to fish. About three hours went by until the afternoon bite came on.  It was another big Rainbow to the boat and a couple smaller ones.
What a great day on the water.  Just an example of what one day on the boat can bring.
The best of the best
Well, it’s different every day depending on the weather conditions and water conditions. On the calm days, we are using the usual Lyman Plugs on the surface or downrigger. 

And on the windy days, we are using the usual Bucktail Flies on the surface.  Stick with the rule of thumb for colors.  On bright days use brighter colors and on the cloudy days, use darker colors.

Black and white has been really good on the overcast days.
Also managing to get both Rainbows and Bull Trout on the flasher/hoochie combo on the downriggers.
All in all, October was a great month of fishing and November/December should only get better and better.
Looking forward to more great fish as winter approaches.
Tight lines…………………..