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Outrunning Sadness with Joy: Slocan Valley Author Rita Moir Releases Book

Rita Moir with her dog Brier, celebrating her dog's first agility ribbon. Dog agility is one way Moir "outruns sadness." — Photo courtesy Dan Armstrong.

Award-winning local author Rita Moir’s new book, Not of Reason: A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness, launched this month.

This family memoir published by Caitlin Press is about the death of a sister and the breakdown, struggle, and finally, the “restoration of the natural order.”

In her fifth book, Moir details the agony of witnessing her mother and sister undergoing heart surgery in the same week. Her sister passed away a year later, and her mother lived on for several more years. It is from this moment of grief that the book was born, Moir says.

“It’s been a long process, longer than any other book I’ve written. The process started after my sister Judy died in 2011, right through to my mother’s death in 2017.”

Check out the entire story about Rita Moir by reporter Sarah Lord in The Nelson Daily Daily Dose sponsored by Hall Printing in Nelson.