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The question of shelter

Photo courtesy Touchstones Nelson.

This is how we live.

And this is how the current Gallery A show at Touchstones Nelson confronts that thought, the thought of how we live.

In Shelter: How We Live — that runs until Nov. 14 at Touchstones Nelson —insightful questions of what constitutes shelter, a basic requirement for living and one of the fundamental building blocks of any society, arise.

From mainstream to makeshift, green to affordable, this exhibit looks at some of the many facets of shelter, through a dynamic and engaging mix of large-scale installation, individual stories and interpretation.

Highlights of it include a small house frame constructed of shipping pallets, as well as a typical homeless “campsite” installation.

Also included are a number of display panels featuring BC green building projects (on loan from the Surrey Art Gallery's Building Green exhibit), as well as local green and affordable building projects.

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