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Slocan artist Paula Cravens at the Nelson Library

Slocan Valley artist Paula Cravens brings her personality to the canvas, engaging paint, collage, abstract and a touch of whimsy in her portfolio of original works. Cravens’ paintings brighten the walls at the Nelson Public Library through March and April.
Raised between the soy bean, corn and oil fields of a central Illinois farming community, Cravens received a BFA from Eastern Illinois University but then took time out to raise two daughters and have a few adventures. In 2014 she moved to the Kootenays and opened Crazy Ravens Studio.
“Creating collage elements is exciting and surprising. I continue to experiment painting in acrylics, focusing on color and texture," says Cravens.

"I am exploring abstract painting; Sometimes I use it as a background element in my paintings and sometimes I let the abstract stand alone.”
The ten paintings on display come with stories about their inspiration or origin. Marjorie’s Team is based on a photo of a girl’s hockey team from Canal Flats circa 1938; Blue Buck and Blue Moon are multimedia abstract that involve deer. Pink Kimono recalls a fun day with dress-ups and a good friend.
Cravens studied with Susan Woolgar, Mike Svob, Carol Marine and Donna Howell-Sickles. Last summer she participated in the Columbia Basin Culture Tour, where she displayed original paintings, multimedia works, and prints with subjects including animals, people, old trucks and landscapes.

More information about the artist is available this website.