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On 14 November 2015, Level 1 and 2 Air Cadets from Trail, Nelson, Castlegar and Grand Forks attended a one day Training Day at the 44 Field Engineer Squadron Armories in Trail BC.
During the training day, the cadets were instructed by Senior Cadets in topics including Drill, General Cadet Knowledge, and Uniform Care.
The 29 junior cadets were instructed by 8 senior cadets and 5 Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers.
This is one of the many activities that the local cadets participate in.  During their Training Year the cadets also go flying in Air Cadet League owned Gliders, Flying in Powered aircraft, learn first aid, go shooting with air rifles, learn outdoor survival skills and other activities.
The cadets meet one evening per week from September to June and during the summer months they have the opportunity to attend courses up to 6 weeks long at various locations throughout Canada.
The Royal Canadian Air Cadets, in partnership with the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Department of National Defence has been training youth in Canada for over 70 years.  The Cadets are the largest government funded youth program in Canada with over 50,000 participants across Canada.  
The Royal Canadian Air Cadets accepts youth between the ages of 12-18 who have a desire to learn more about the air element of the Canadian Forces, wish to develop the attributes of leadership and good citizenship and who wish to promote physical fitness.  
While the program is military based, there is no obligation for a cadet to join the Canadian Armed Forces when he or she finishes their cadet career.  Cadets are also encouraged to learn more about opportunities within Canada’s Aviation Industry.