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by Contributor on Thursday Oct 06 2011

The average price for a standard detached home in Vancouver is approximately triple the national average, according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey released this week.

The average third quarter price for a detached bungalow increased 17 per cent year-over-year, selling for $1,022,375 - nearly three times the national average bungalow price of $349,974.

by Emma Pullman on Wednesday Oct 05 2011

In the ongoing campaign to put a positive spin on Alberta’s Tar Sands, proponents have deployed a new rhetorical attack: women’s rights. If you support women’s rights, say conservative pundits Ezra Levant and Alykhan Velshi, choose “ethical oil” over “conflict oil”. The phrase is now standard prose for the Harper government, eager to save the reputation of the much maligned “Tar Sands”....

by Contributor on Wednesday Oct 05 2011

Federal, provincial and municipal governments should implement coordinated national and regional water conservation guidelines to address the detrimental impact climate change is having on Canada's water system, according to a new report from ACT, Simon Fraser University's Adaptation to Climate Change Team.

"The days when Canadians take an endless abundance of fresh...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Oct 05 2011

BC taxpayers--not just Vancouver taxpayers--spent $563 million to totally rebuild BC Place stadium, complete with new seating, a retractable roof and private boxes (for those with generous corporate writeoffs, courtesy of the rest of us).  $563 MILLION!  taxpayers’ dollars!  When there isn’t enough money to adequately take care of our disabled!

And, as the latest jewel in BC’s...

by Anonymous on Tuesday Oct 04 2011

The province is no longer the best place on Earth, as the Christy Clark era has seen the slow disintegration of the provincial slogan, The Tyee’s Bob Mackin writes.

Once the advertising line from the Gordon Campbell-led government’s websites, “The Best Place on Earth” slogan is becoming a thing of history as the province distances itself from its former braggadocio....

by Contributor on Tuesday Oct 04 2011

Monday’s throne speech opening the fourth session of the 39th Parliament in B.C. focused on job creation, building stronger, safer communities and continuing to open up government for British Columbia families.

The Province could be introducing changes to benefit families:

  • The introduction of a new provincial statutory holiday Family Day,...
by Contributor on Monday Oct 03 2011

This fall British Columbia’s Missing Women Commission will finally begin its work. It does so in under a cloud of suspicion: an inadequate mandate, a potentially compromised commissioner, and a refusal to financially support affected native communities, families, and Vancouver Downtown Eastside community groups to participate and prepare submissions.


BC’s Missing Women...

by Contributor on Monday Oct 03 2011

The First Nations Summit (FNS), the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), the BC Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) and the Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of BC (NCCABC) today expressed shock and outrage at the RCMP beating of a 17 year old handcuffed aboriginal girl in Williams Lake and an aboriginal death in custody in Prince George. 

The groups are also expressing...

by Contributor on Monday Oct 03 2011

Dear Editor,

The BC Liberals' attempts to silence the growing Smart Meter controversy have failed at the Union of BC Municipalities convention with delegates voting for a province-wide moratorium. Could the heavy-handed, dictatorial edicts of Rich Coleman and the Liberals have actually prompted this clear vote for democracy, pushing back this denial of democratic process,...

by Anonymous on Sunday Oct 02 2011

U.S. authorities have raised the possibility of putting up fencing along parts of the long, open border between Canada and the U.S., the Vancouver Province reports.

The proposal is part of a draft report from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency in Washington, D.C.

“Barriers would include selective fencing at...


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