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Letter: Please pay attention, Canada

To The Editor:

Top international lawyers to draft definition of "Ecocide" 75 years after Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide coined at Nuremberg.

It’s an extraordinary moment to be launching this project as the first international trials are remembered at Nuremberg. 75 years on, humanity faces a new and global threat: climate and ecological crisis . . . and it’s time for recognition of a new international crime: Ecocide.

"International lawyer Philippe Sands QC and international judge Justice Florence Mumba are to co-chair an expert drafting panel on the legal definition of “ecocide” as a potential international crime that could sit alongside War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

Launching with preparatory work this month, and set to draft the definition over the early months of 2021, the panel has been convened by the Stop Ecocide Foundation on the request of interested parliamentarians from governing parties in Sweden.

The Canadian government should pay attention, and sit at the table. See link,

Dona Grace-Campbell, Kaslo BC

Judy Green Clementsport, Nova Scotia

Jamie Hunter, Nelson BC