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Letter: Horgan government deserves kudos for standing up for BC water

To The Editor:

Kinder Morgan may promise jobs in the short term, but will never guarantee clean-up for a tar-spill on the coast, or along the pipeline.

Ms. Notley's braggadocio sounds as conservative as B.C.'s former Liberals under Christy Clark. How can that be, given Ms. Notley's leadership in the NDP, a party that has stood for protection of vulnerable lands and people?

I support Premier Horgan and his Cabinet as they defend B.C. against the bullying of Alberta's premier and the seeming indifference of Canada's Prime Minister.

To allow the pipeline to be built is a sign of carelessness for the generations to come - our children's children, and the terrain we love as British Columbians!

Nolan Gingrich, Nelson, BC