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Letter: Canada right to stay the course

To The Editor:

Many environmentalists and climate-warming panic artists have bemoaned Stephen Harper’s less than speedy transition to non-carbon sources of power. 

While there have been some  efforts towards windpower (Alberta) and tidal power (New Brunswick) in conversion to electrical energy it is obvious that these efforts, while brave, have minimal; effect.

The world’s big carbon emitters are the following (from The Economist , August 8,  2015, pp21-22) in billions of tons per annum (2013, Sources: EDGAR,EPA,ETA)):

China 10.3, United States 5.3, India 2.1, Russia 1.8, Japan 1.4, Germany 0.8, South Korea 0.6, CANADA  0.6, Brazil 0.5, Indonesia 0.5, Saudi Arabia 0.5, Britain 0.5 and all other sources 10.5

Obviously, one of the reasons Canada fares so well in this comparison  is the extensive use of hydro electric and nuclear sources.

While both China, and most recently the USA, have announced planned efforts to reduce carbon, is it any wonder that Harper has been a skeptic about its puny world effect off a stringent Canadian program when the economic consequence to ordinary Canadians could be economically drastic?

Let’s see the evidence of China, the USA and India, the big polluters, of their reductions before we put our economy, fragile by the oil overproduction of mainly the USA AND Saudi Arabia, at even more risk than it is now.

Maurice A. Rhodes
Nelson BC