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Kootenay Literary Competition

Get your words on.

The Kootenay Literary Competition — presented by the Kootenay Literary Competition Committee — is now open to any residents of the Kootenay region.

Kootenay Literary Competition 2010 theme: isolation. Contestants should explore this theme in their original work.


Fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry

• First prize in each category: $200

• Second prize in each category: $100

Youth and emerging writers

• First prize in each category: $100

• Second prize in each category: $50

How to enter:

To enter the Kootenay Literary Competition, contestants must live in the Kootenay region and must write an original work of 5,000 words or less and it should fall into one of the following categories:

1. Short fiction

2. Creative non-fiction

3. Poetry – sequence of poems or linked poems

4. Youth – submitted work in either fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry (for writers aged 13-18).

5. Emerging writer – submitted work in either fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry (for adult writers previously unpublished in any format).

Entry fees:

• $30 for each submission in the short fiction, creative non fiction, poetry and emerging writer category ($20 for NDAC members)

• $20 for each submission in the Youth Category

Entry deadline: Dec. 15

Maximum word count per entry: 5,000

Multiple entries are allowed. Applicable entry fee and entry form must accompany each submitted entry.


Submissions must be received at PO Box 422, Nelson, BC, V1L 5R2 or email at no later than 5 p.m. on Dec. 15.

Please note that couriered packages cannot be accepted at the above noted PO Box.

For emailed submissions, an entry form and accompanying entry fee must be received at the above noted PO Box on or before the Dec. 15 deadline.

Mailed or emailed submissions that do not have a corresponding entry form and/or entry fee will be automatically disqualified.

Submission standards:

Each submission must be typewritten and double-spaced. 

Each must be formatted in standard competition format:  put your name, title of the work, category, word count and your contact information on the cover page. 

Put the title of the work and page numbers in the top right hand corner on each subsequent page.

Entry forms:

Entry forms (with the complete rules and regulations) are available here in downloadable pdf format or by contacting


Complete details on how to enter the competition are available here.  The complete rules and regulations are also available on the back of the entry form, downloadable as a pdf by clicking here.

Questions?  Contact

Procedures for awarding prizes:

The winning texts will be chosen following a judging process by a qualified jury consisting in a panel of five judges, based on the following criteria:

1. Originality

2. Style

3. Quality of language

4. Relevance

5. Overall artistic/literary merit

The winners will be contacted by telephone or by email following the jury’s decision. Winners should claim their prize and sign any necessary documents as instructed by KLC by no later than fifteen days after the date they were initially contacted.

If the prize is not claimed within this period, KLC may award the prize to another contestant.