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Developer's request to connect to City services denied

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

City council crushed reconsideration of a developer’s request to connect his proposed development along Bealby Point Road to City sanitary services.

Council voted unanimously against reconsideration of N and J Developments appeal after a Feb. 7 denial to connect the 12-unit strata building on the waterfront in exchange for a one-time fee of $100,000 (in addition to construction costs) as well as ongoing sewer service fees.

It was felt the new residents in the development would be using City services and roads with no corresponding taxation to pay for those services, said City report to council. No traffic study has been done to see if the existing road within the city could accommodate additional use.

As well, the sewer from the proposed location would have to be pumped to tie into the existing sewer system, resulting in greenhouse gas increases.

In a letter to the developers from the City’s legislative and administrative services, it was said “the city will only consider extending its sewer services to your property in the context of a boundary expansion.”

However, the City has in the past extended water services outside of the municipal boundaries: to 1223 Mountain Station Road; and 1510 Svoboda Road.

The proposed development is expected to occur on the northern most area of the waterfront parcel on Bealby Point, a section of land around 26.4 hectares in size.