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Mayrhofer photographic exhibition at the Nelson Library

For many long-time residents of Nelson, photographer Helmuth Mayrhofer’s name will be as familiar as Baker Street.

As owner of Vogue Studio for many years, his portrait camera immortalized hundreds of individuals and families while he and his wife raised their own family—and a landmark business.

His photographic journey has its own story to tell. Landscape photographic images by Helmuth are on display at the Nelson Library until the end of January,

In the 1950s, after arriving in Canada from his native Austria, Helmuth joined the PR offices of Cominco Ltd. In Trail, bought a 35 mm Leica camera, and enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography.

Outpacing its program, he worked as a freelance photographer until purchasing Vogue Studio.

Combining art and technique, Helmuth strove to create images that incorporated artistic inspiration and technical excellence, employing the art of exposure and chiaroscuro while finding ways to portray the true personality of portrait clients.

Although hesitant at first to embrace digital photography, he grew to appreciate its opportunities.

After his retirement from business, with his interest in the genre of the landscape rejuvenated through new technology, his awareness of the finer details of nature grew.

“As a photographer in search of those moments when light, form and colour come together to create magic I am grateful for the opportunity to see more deeply,” he said.

The Canadian Professional Association awarded Helmuth the degree of Craftsman of Photographic Arts (CPA), made him a fellow of the Association (F/ppocbc), and bestowed upon him an Honorary Life Membership (HLM). More information is available at