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Op/Ed: Are you mad about the carbon 'tax'?

Editor’s Note: The article below focuses on the federal carbon pricing system; please be aware that in BC, the Province runs its own carbon pricing system, but the carbon price for each is the same, and both the federal and the BC systems have rebates – paid quarterly – to benefit low-income and medium-income households. […]

Monarchy, History, Malady, Memory

We do not make history, we are made by history. — Martin Luther King, jr. Our King “ … divinity … doth hedge a King.” — Shakespeare, Macbeth No one reading this is likely to think a king has anything divine about him, but for Shakespeare 400 years ago, — for subjects in Arabia and […]

COLUMN: Facts about methane (AKA 'natural' gas)

Global greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures are rising, causing more extreme and unpredictable weather and inflating costs for everything from food to health care. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry — largely responsible for the greatest crisis facing humanity — continues to rake in record profits. Oil executives want to keep it that way. For decades, […]

Letter: Current system is broken

To The Editor: The biggest insult we have to endure every day as Canadians, is being told we are a democracy, when in fact we are not, and looking at how our dysfunctional colonial political system is dividing and destroying our country has become a depressing reality. Poilievre is busy promoting his freedom (to do […]

Op/Ed: Sustainable stewardship

We are privileged to live in a beautiful part of the world, which has been stewarded with care by Indigenous communities since time immemorial. All of us who live here have an obligation to care for these lands, waters, plants, and animals, and to work towards a sustainable future. This is not only about preserving […]

Column: Thoughts on science and spirituality

“There are two paths that you can go by, but in the long run – There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”  – Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” — Albert Einstein Paths to knowledge Until the seventeenth century in Europe, our human species […]

Letter: BCWF joins Sparwood Fish & Wildife Association in opposition to coal mine

To The Editor: The B.C. Wildlife Federation is opposed to the open-pit coal mine proposed by NWP Coal Canada Ltd. for the heart of Elk Valley. We support the efforts of Sparwood Fish & Wildlife Association President Matt Huryn to stop this project before it starts. The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and Impact Assessment Agency […]

COLUMN: Good journalism and a healthy society

As someone who has enjoyed a long media career, including 44 years hosting CBC TV’s The Nature of Things, I understand how important robust media is to a thriving democracy. An informed public makes better decisions about everything from health care to voting. Some, unfortunately, see an informed public as a threat to their agendas. […]

Letter: Time for BC to wake up

To The Editor: The BC mining industry just hit a brick wall, and it’s time for BC to wake up and engage. Premier David Eby does not have the moral or Constitutional right to arbitrarily award 6% of the people of our province unfettered use and control of our Crown lands and resources. The truth […]

Letter: Former ambulance driver pleads for hemodialysis treatments in Nelson

To The Editor: It’s unbelievable our health care system refuses to take pity on our dialysis patients. Three times a week I drive seniors in my small car to Trail. These patients should be getting the treatment they need here in Nelson. To qualify as a driver for the West Kootenay Volunteer Driver Program, I […]

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