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Letter: Fossil fuel dependence makes life more expensive

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
January 18th, 2024
To The Editor:
It’s hard to believe I’m writing this, but it’s 2024 and some politicians are still arguing that Canada can’t afford climate action.
Climate chaos is already costing our communities too much. In 2023, the hottest year ever recorded, out-of-control wildfires forced thousands of Canadians from their homes and burned more than twice as much land as in any previous year. All told, extreme weather caused $3.1 billion in insured damage across the country last year, the second year in a row that total has exceeded $3 billion.

Let’s be clear: fossil fuels are overheating the planet. Our dependence on oil and gas is making life more expensive, unsafe, and volatile, just so some billionaires can profit.

Cheap, clean, renewable energy is the key to a better future. We need to reject any politician who tries to delay or block the urgently-needed shift from fossil fuels to renewables.

Matheson Kincaid, Nelson, BC

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