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Get Creative at the Oxygen Art Centre

By Contributor
January 20th, 2023

Oxygen Art Centre has launched their education program for the whole of 2023 including a range of course formats for all levels.

Oxygen’s education program is designed to inspire, promote, and support creativity for our regional and expanded communities.

The education program is continually developing and expanding with new artist instructors joining the faculty each semester. Oxygen’s faculty teach what they know and what they are passionate about, and this is translated into their course design by sharing their practices with students.

Oxygen’s classes are not just about learning an artistic or writing technique, they are an opportunity to delve into a creative process and develop your personal creative voice in an intimate, nurturing, and supportive environment,” says Natasha Smith, Oxygen’s Education Coordinator.

To register and learn more about the semesters, classes, and instructors, visit Oxygen’s website.

Registration takes place through Google Forms on a first-come first-serve basis. Class sizes are small, ranging from seven to 12 students in each.

Not sure where to start? 

Contact Oxygen’s Education Coordinator, Natasha Smith at or 250-551-6329 with any questions.

Join the magic that is learning a new skill and exploring creative processes this year at Oxygen Art Centre.

For more information on courses, Oxygen Gift Certificates, and to register:,

Photo Caption: Drawing class is one of the many programs available at the Oxygen Art Centre. — Submitted



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