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Creston retiree lands Grand Prize in Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program year end draw

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June 17th, 2022

Creston resident Allan Mather has won a $15,000 Marlon Boat package from Jones Boys Boats of Woodbury, B.C., the Grand Prize awarded annually by the Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program.

The latest winner of the $1,000 monthly prize draw, Scott Girdwood of Kaslo, was also announced.

Mather is a retired farmer and passionate angler who fishes almost weekly with friends in a large boat. Some of his fishing companions have been monthly KLAIP draw winners, based on fish they caught from Alan’s boat 

“I’m thrilled with the prize!” Mather said at the prize presentation in Woodbury on June 14.

“I’m proud to be involved in the Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program, as I believe it’s essential to protect the lake for future generation.”  

The end of May also marked the selection of our final $1,000 monthly draw winner, Scott Girdwood. 

Girdwood is a fisheries technician and is very knowledgeable about the issues that are posing a challenge for the Kootenay Lake fishery, which has motivated him to participate in the KLAIP program. As our May winner, Scott chose gift certificates from Reel Adventures to be used for a fishing trip on the coast. 

Kootenay Lake has traditionally been famous for its large Gerrard Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout. However, their population increased so much that they forced their prey, juvenile Kokanee Salmon, to near extinction, causing the predators to decrease in size and condition. Only by helping the Kokanee population recover can the Kootenay lake fishery be returned to its former glory. 

The Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program inspires anglers to get out fishing and enjoy the outdoors. Anglers are encouraged to harvest predator rainbow and bull trout in the main body of Kootenay Lake and then turn in the heads to local depots for a chance to win prizes.  

The Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program’s second year concluded on May 31. The third year of the KLAIP program has just been launched, and more details, including the youth derby, will be announced shortly.  

Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program is managed by the local West Arm Outdoors Club with support from B.C. Wildlife Federation, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Ministry of Forests, and several local merchants from around Kootenay Lake. 

The Ministry of Forests urges anglers to continue to participate in this program and harvest all of their catch within daily quota limits to reinforce improved juvenile kokanee survival and continue to support low in-lake survival for the youngest kokanee. 

More information on the Kootenay Lake Angler Incentive Program:

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