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Jeremy Grant & TGR's latest mountain bike film ACCOMPLICE

Jeff Sawyer
By Jeff Sawyer
July 6th, 2020

Local filmmaker Jeremy Grant started filming his friends ride bikes when he was just 12 years old on his parent’s hi-8 camera. At first they took turns filming each other riding, it was a classic case of “hold the camera, watch this.”

But as the drops got bigger and the tricks started emerging and happening off the jumps, Jeremy would soon find himself offering to hold the camera more and more. As he put it “It was 25% creative aspiration, and 75% self-preservation.

My friends went on to be some of the best riders in the world and I was lucky enough to be the one next to them with a camera,” he adds.

You could say it was second nature to him, and from all accounts not a lot has changed over the last two decades since he first picked up his camera. He still travels around the world with good friends and documents them pushing themselves.

The backdrops may have changed but at its core it’s identical.

In this edition of The Daily Dose, Editor Jeff Sawyer sits down with Jeremy Grant ahead of the Nelson premiere of Teton Gravity Research’s latest MTB film ACCOMPLICE, to explore what has shaped him as a filmmaker, as we dive into the theme that runs throughout the film of how mountain biking brings us together as a community, and how the bike serves as our accomplice throughout our lives.

Check out the full feature story in The Daily Dose.

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