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Letter: We are part of the whole

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
February 13th, 2019

To The Editor:

Further to Norm Yanke’s Feb. 5th letter of concern about the role of city councillors, I was reminded that the City of Nelson does occupy a small part of the planet — we are part of the whole.  It seems we don’t appreciate the close relation between climate policy and political economy.  It’s about the relation between climate / environment and the notion of “business as usual” to protect the current political economic order.

Nelson, along with countless municipalities across the country, is dealing with the affects of climate change.  Tourism in Nelson and throughout BC has suffered the affects of yet another fire season. 

In BC, significant taxpayer funding is still incentivizing the development of the fossil fuel sector. Working collectively, what would happen if municipalities called to have those funds re-directed to municipalities for adaptation and mitigation to deal with the impacts of climate change?  Some of the problems being experienced in Nelson are happening across the country. 

Solutions may require our councillors to extend their thinking beyond city boundaries — we are part of the whole.

Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC

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