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Letter: Climate Emergency

To The Editor:

At the last city council meeting councillor Rik Logtenberg said he wants the city to declare a Climate Emergency.

We could all save ourselves a lot of money by sending this councillor and others who think like this to Africa.

Having recently returned from Africa, population over 1 billion which includes Tanzania and Uganda the poorest countries in the world at over 50 million and Nairobi more than 3 million. There is more diesel soot belching out of vehicles in a couple blocks in Nairobi than all of BC in a year. A pall of smoke hangs over the country from people collecting sticks and cow dung for cooking fires who are just trying to make it to tomorrow. 

I have an analogy for you councillor. 

Imagine you are stuck to the bottom of a swimming pool with a teaspoon. Africa is dumping 45 gallon drums of toxic pollutants in the other end. What will Nelson do signing onto your Climate Emergency?

Buy another teaspoon for a couple hundred thousand or more?

Build another solar farm?

Start thinking about the single mom in my neighborhood trying to keep her had above water and pay the rent and feed her teenagers while you make this city more unaffordable with your misguided, misinformed, save the planet ideas. 

Your job as a councillor is to run this city for the benefit of its residents not save the planet.

Norm Yanke, Nelson, BC