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Good News for natural gas customers in BC

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 19th, 2018

There’s good news on the horizon for natural gas users in BC.

FortisBC, the natural gas supplier for many homes throughout the province, says supply status is now elevated to “normal” from “limited” following the pipeline explosion near Prince George in early October.

“Thanks to Enbridge’s increased pipeline capacity, warmer weather and the conservation efforts of our customers, we are optimistic about our current gas supply situation,” a FortisBC spokesperson said in a media release Tuesday.

“As such, our gas supply dashboard now shows our status as “normal” instead of “limited”,” the release added. “At this time, additional conservation action is no longer crucial to safeguard our natural gas system and people can resume normal use.”

Guidelines for Normal Usage:

  • Reduced consumption is not required
  • There is an adequate supply of natural gas in relation to demand
  • Natural gas is being moved into storage facilities to be used during periods of cold weather or emergency events

Residents in Shelley, approximately 15 kilometers northeast of Prince George, were rocked by the pipeline explosion from the Enbridge natural gas line in October. The resulting damage to the pipeline saw Enbridge reduce its flow in the pipeline forcing FortisBC to send out an alert for customers to reduce gas consumption.

FortisBC said until the Enbridge pipeline is back to 100 per cent capacity, customers should continue be mindful of their energy use while keeping homes warm and businesses working.

“Everyday conservation is still something we encourage among our customers,” the release said. “Smart use of natural gas enables our customers to lower their bills and save energy.”

FortisBC said it will continue to update customers throughout the winter on the status of our gas supply while Enbridge works towards bringing their pipeline back to 100 per cent operating capacity. 

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