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Corinne Mori announes Independent candidacy for upcoming BC Election

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
May 7th, 2024

There’s going to be another name on the ballot come this fall during the October BC Election.

In an emailed statement, Nelson advocate, Corinne Mori announced her Independent candidacy for the new provincial riding of Kootenay Central in the upcoming BC election scheduled for October 19, 2024.

“All across BC, people are signalling a need for political reformation,” said Mori, who believes Kootenay residents are looking for an alternative to status quo politics.

Mori points to past low voter turnout as evidence of just how disillusioned and underwhelmed voters have been in past.

“If only half the population is turning up to vote, it’s a clear indication that either we have fallen short in educating the public about our political system, or we’re failing to provide candidates who merit their vote,” Mori explained.

The former Nelson-Creston riding, and new Kootenay Central area is currently held by NDP candidate Brittny Anderson.

Anderson, elected as the MLA for Nelson-Creston in 2020, is the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism to the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport and the Premier’s Special Advisor on Youth and is also a member of Treasury Board, among other committees.

Mori’s campaign prioritizes practical solutions over rhetoric, focusing on healthcare reform, homeownership programs, and taxation cuts.

“The government’s expansion is surpassing our financial capacity to pay for it. Larger governments create increased bureaucracy and red tape, leading to
decreased service standards and inefficiencies,” she said.

“What started out as over-regulation, results in over-taxation, often with more money going to administer the system than what the system provides back to the public.”

Mori says being an independent candidate, and not affiliated with the current NDP government or the other parties in the legislature — Green Party, BC United (formerly the BC Liberals) or Conservative Party — offers the advantage of having a representative who is free to advocate for the constituents’ interests without being constrained by party agendas.

Independent representation answers directly to the people, giving constituents’ voices more power in political decisions.

Mori’s said her broad background in rural healthcare, construction, and small business not only offers practical expertise but also provides a solid foundation for addressing systemic challenges in the healthcare and housing sectors.

Rural communities face unique challenges in accessing healthcare services, and Mori is not only well-versed in these challenges but she is also committed to defending these essential services.

The pivotal factor propelling Mori into politics was her recent venture in mobilizing a grassroots community network aimed at monitoring local RDCK operations.

“Through our team’s thorough exploration of the RDCK’s financial management and service delivery, we devised strategies to simplify complex government operations for the public, enabling citizens to engage effectively,” said Mori, who lives outside Nelson in the RDCK Area E.

“This proactive approach, working along with Directors, resulted in greater accountability and lowered taxation rates. It was fascinating to watch the democratic process actually work.”

The other candidate running in Kootenay Central is Nicole Charlwood of the BC Green Party.

Charlwood, a former Nelson City Councillor, announced her intentions to run in the Provincial Election in February of 2024.

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