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Streak for Cancer event raises funds

By Contributor
October 14th, 2016

Pink is the new purple – especially for the month of October when stylists are adding a punch of colour to clients’ hair for a good cause.

Salons across the Southern Interior are uniting for “Streak for Cancer,” an independent fundraiser aimed at raising some serious style, awareness, and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, participating salons are arming their staff with pink hair dye. For a $10 donation, clients can get a pink streak to show their support for women facing breast cancer, a disease that affects over 3,000 British Columbian women each year.

Each salon will do the event a little differently, including the type of streak  — permanent, temporary or hair extension — and whether or not the event is for one day or the entire month.

Nelson’s Jai-Lynn Lewandowski of Front Street Hair Studio is dedicating her contribution to her mother-in-law Jenice Lewandowski.

“Jeni,” as her family calls her, was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall.
“She was told that her cancer was treatable but she would have a rough year,” said Jai-Lynn.

“She went through chemo, surgery, radiation and has just about finished her I.V. treatments.”

Jeni is starting to feel like herself again.

“Our family is so happy that Grandma Jeni is going to be okay and so grateful for all the advancements in breast cancer treatment,” explained Jai-Lynn.

The hairdresser of almost 30 years is thrilled to join the pink hair movement as a means of giving back in the best way she knows how.

“Her prognosis is good and I am so grateful to all the people who have helped her kick breast cancer in the butt! I want to give back in a way that I can.”

Jai-Lynn will be offering hot pink streaks to clients for a minimum $10 donation for the month of October. She is joined by other stylists across the region, who are taking part in the annual Canadian Cancer Society initiative.

“Streak for Cancer is a fun, simple way for people to show their support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” explained Valerie Rossi, Annual Giving Coordinator.

“We’ve come a long way since 1986 when breast cancer patients had a 73 per cent chance of survival. Thanks to significant investment in breast cancer research, the survival rate is now 88 per cent − that’s more than a 20 per cent increase!”

The Canadian Cancer Society works toward educating the public on cancer prevention, as a means of increasing the cancer survival rates.

There are many simple lifestyle changes that women can make to help reduce their breast cancer risks, including booking regular mammograms and choosing to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

“When breast cancer is caught early, the chances of successful treatment are far better,” says Rossi, “and regular mammograms are the most reliable early detection tool. Another way to prevent breast cancer is to reduce your risks by not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight and making sure you eat well and stay active.”

Salon owners or stylists interested in Streak for Cancer can connect directly with their local Society office. The community is encouraged to get out and get streaked at participating salons or support the cause by making a donation online.

To follow the colour as it paints its way across the Southern Interior, check out the Facebook page – Streak for Cancer – Canadian Cancer Society – where other participating salons such as

Trail’s Luca Hair Studio are also mentioned. To get streaked by Jai-Lynn, visit Front Street Hair Studio at Suite #103-625 Front Street (250-354-7067) in Nelson.

The Society is open to other independent ideas that raise funds and awareness for cancer research and support programming. Residents with a drive to start up an independent fundraiser for the Society are encouraged to pop into the Trail office, located in the South Kootenay Business Centre (Suite 15, 835 Spokane St.) or call 250-364-0403.

To be connected with an expert who can answer cancer-related questions or find out more about how the Society’s programming can assist an individual on the road from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery, please call 1-888-939-3333 or visit

Participating salons in West Kootenay Boundary:
Jai-Lynn Lewandowski at Front Street Hair Studio
Suite #103-625 Front Street, Nelson
Month of October
Luca Hair Studio
1287 Cedar Avenue, Trail, BC V1R 4B9
Month-long participation and holding Pink Party Oct. 14 at 5 p.m.
Semi permanent/temporary chalk streaks and mini pink manicures
All About Hair (Suzie Swanson)
3917 Woodland Drive, Trail, BC, V1R 2V6
To existing clientele for the month of October

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