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End of the Blue Bag begins Monday in RDCK Central Sub-region

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 19th, 2015

It’s happened!

The end of the Blue Bag in the Central Sub-Region of the Regional District of Central Kootenay beginning Monday, October 19.

“Residents of the RDCK’s Central Sub-region will save approximately $200,000 annually as the regional district makes changes to its recycling program,” the RDCK said in a media release.

“The sub-region, which spans from north of Marblehead to south of Salmo, will see new front load bins at the RDCK recycling depots as of October 19th, 2015.”

The RDCK said the front load collection bins increase collection efficiency as recyclable materials are compacted en-route and multiple sites are serviced on a single route.

The rest of the RDCK adopted the front load collection model in 2011 with great success.

“RDCK directors and staff continue the process of upgrading our resource recovery infrastructure,” said Tom Newell, Chair of the Central Resource Recovery Committee.

“This revitalized recycling program, being safer, more efficient and at a reduced cost to our tax payers, is one more huge step forward.”

Blue Bags may still be required in other curbside pick-up locations, like the City of Nelson.

The RDCK said the public will no longer be required to climb stairs to deposit recyclables.

The materials that are collected remain the same and all material, including cardboard, will be comingled in a single stream.

A cardboard-only bin will remain at the Lakeside Drive Recycling Depot in Nelson with glass to be collected in separate bins.

See more information here.

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