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RDCK takes new approach to completing NDCC Aquatic Centre reno project

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 6th, 2015

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is going into the contracting business.

Well, sort of.

After failing for land a single tender for the proposed $4.92 million Nelson and District Aquatic Centre pool renovations, Joe Chirico said the Nelson and District Recreation Commission plan on proposing to the RDCK board the hiring of a construction manager to oversee multiple contracts to complete renovation.

“We know that the procurement process for a highly specialized project like this in a more remote location like Nelson can be challenging,” Chirico, community services manager for the RDCK, said.

“Taking a construction management approach will allow the RDCK the most flexibility for any required changes as we progress through the project and will promote an increase in bidding competition by including more qualified contractors in the tender process.” 

The RDCK said in April 2015, the projected was tendered using a design–bid–build process to sign a lump sum contract for the whole project.

However, all bids were rejected after coming in over budget by at least $1.2 million.

The new direction means a construction manager would be hired by June, meaning the pool will now remain open through June and into July.

RDCK said in a construction management model, contracts are tendered one by one to qualified bidders, and the construction manager acts as a quasi-general contractor, managing timelines, budget, and ensuring work occurs in a logical sequence.

This reduces the risk for bidders as they can choose to bid only on parts of the project that are within their area of expertise. It also allows smaller, local contractors to bid on a project that would be beyond their capacity in the full-scope model.  

“The Commission remains committed to ensuring the best results and financial return for the community,” said Ramona Faust, chair of the Nelson and District Recreation Commission.

“We think this approach is the best way to ensure that the facility meets the needs of the community over the next 40 years.”

The commission and RDCK board approved a $4.92 million budget with borrowing not to exceed $4.5 million for all renovations, which will take about eight months to complete.  

Fixes to the aquatic centre will include new mechanical systems, electrical panels and equipment, a relocated lifeguard station, new sauna, pool decks, tiles and new water proofing membranes. 

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