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No free lunch, but Kootenay Co-op offers free breakfast

By Contributor
September 17th, 2014

It may be true that there are no free lunches, but the Kootenay Co-op is proving that there are free breakfasts!
‘Healthy Breakfasts’, the Co-op’s fall community initiative, combines a free community breakfast with ideas and information about how to make sure the most important meal of the day get the attention it deserves.

They have been serving breakfasts in the Co-op’s covered patio and offering recipes and information to inspire healthy, delicious breakfasts with their Healthy Breakfast Guide.
“We know, and multiple scientific studies confirm, that people who go without a nutritious breakfast will end up consuming more empty calories and fewer vegetables and fruits over the course of the day,” says Wellness Manager Michelle Beneteau.

“Over the long-term, this can mean poorer health outcomes. For example, a study of 6,000 students showed that those who ate breakfast had improved cognitive function, memory, eye-hand coordination and got better grades.”
While the benefits of breakfast may seem obvious, the Outreach Manager Jocelyn Carver says the initiative is as necessary as it is simple.

“Estimates are that about 40 percent of the public don’t eat breakfast. We designed the Healthy Breakfast initiative to offer a free breakfast both to help our community start the day right in a tangible and tasty way and to create an opportunity to get together and share a meal.” 

So far, more than 400 people have attended the Healthy Breakfast events.

The final event is on Monday, September 22.

Everyone is welcome.

The Healthy Breakfast Guide is available at the Co-op’s Customer Service desk.

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