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Starry Night astronomical event calendar for August

By Contributor
July 27th, 2014

For anyone who has ever been interested in the sky, then Taghum Starry Night program is the place to be.

During the month of August, there is plenty to see in the night sky at Taghum Community Hall — 5915 Taghum Hall Road by the old Taghum Bridge.

Unfortunately there will be no longer very good views of Saturn and Mars as the planets sink in the west.

Neptune will be at opposition in late August and will be an object to aim for next month.

A nearly full Moon will unfortunately hamper viewing of the most popular meteor shower of the year; the Perseids.

If it is a nice night, it still is worthwhile to lay back in a lawn chair and watch for the brighter Perseid meteors.

For more information about any of the astronomical events, or anything astronomical, contact or 354-1586.

Bring your binoculars, notepad, red cellophane to put over your flashlight, grab your friends and neighbours, lawn chair and wear warm clothes, something hot to drink.

Planned event for August from Wayne the Star Guy
Saturday August 2 — The waxing Moon will be 3 degrees from Mars in the western sky tonight.
Sunday August 3 —The first quarter Moon will be 3 degrees from Saturn in the south west.

Sunday August 3 — Solar Sunday has been cancelled
Sunday August 10 — Tonight’s full Moon is known as the “Sturgeon Moon” and will also be the largest full Moon of 2014.

Sunday August 10 — Solar Sunday at Taghum Hall, noon to 2:00pm. See the Sun through two filtered telescopes.
Tuesday August 12  — The Perseid meteor shower peaks but we will have a big bright Moon washing out all but the brightest meteors.
Monday August 18 — The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter will appear very close together, (about 1/3 of a degree). Find a low eastern horizon and look for this conjunction between 4:30 and 5:30am. This is worth getting up early for. At the same time, look for the crescent Moon about 3 degrees from Taurus’ red giant star, Aldebaran.
Friday August 22
— Starry Night at Taghum Hall. We should start viewing around 9:30pm.
Saturday August 23 — The crescent Moon will be near Venus and Jupiter, low in the east, just before sunrise.
Saturday August 24 — Mars and Saturn will be about 3.5 degrees apart for three nights and near Libra’s brightest star, Zubenelgenubi, low in the western sky.
Friday August 28 — Neptune will be at opposition, (closest to earth and opposite the Sun) and will be at it’s brightest for 2014. It will rise in the east when the Sun sets in the west. Use good binoculars or a telescope to look for Neptune’s blue/grey disk near the star, sigma Aquarii.
Sunday August 31— As the sky darkens, look for the conjunction of Saturn, Mars and a crescent Moon in the west. The Moon will be 3 degrees from Saturn and 2 degrees from Mars.

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