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NPD request residents post visible street numbers on homes

By Contributor
April 3rd, 2014

In an effort to serve the public better, the Nelson Police Department is requesting that residents post visible street numbers on homes.
In emergency situations, every minute is critical, so taking the time to make sure house numbers are visible from the street is important to help emergency agencies respond faster.
A few tips for house numbers:

1. Ensure the numbers are bold and large enough to see clearly from the street.
2. Numbers should be contrasting color to the background.
3. Place numbers beside or above the main entrance, so first responders can detect them.
4. If the entrance is more than 15 meters from the street, or is not visible from the street, a second set of numbers should be on a mailbox or on a post at the street or end of the drive.
5. Reflective numbers or a light above the numbers are best practice.
6. Clearly mark separate suites in a multi-residential home or building.
If a house is on fire, smoke and flames will indicate the location, but if there are different types of 911 emergencies and the home is not clearly marked, first responders lose time searching for the correct address.

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