UPDATED: Missing 19-year-old found 'safe and sound'

Keven Dakin, 19, last seen in Robson, has been located said RCMP.

RCMP said the missing 19-year-old has been found.

Police made the announcement in a media release Tuesday evening.

"Thank you for your assistance. He has been located safe and sound."

MISSING: Police seek help finding missing teen

The Castlegar RCMP are seeking the assistance of the public in locating missing 19-year-old Keven Dakin, according to RCMP Sgt. Laurel Mathew.

“Keven had been travelling from Quebec to the Okanagan area and was last seen in the Castlegar area,” Mathew said.

Sunlight and Sunglasses -- Be Cool AND Smart

Sunlight and Sunglasses -- Be Cool AND Smart

Summer weather is early this year, so, here is a reminder about sun exposure and what we really need to be careful about. In the past, sun was used in European clinics, using controlled amounts to cure diseases such as tuberculosis and heal wounds. Since the 60’s, we have been warned about sunbathing causing skin cancer, and wearing sunglasses to prevent sun damage. However, done properly during certain parts of the day and for a limited time, there are positive effects that may just outweigh the potential hazards.

Selkirk College Welcomes the Region Home for 50th Anniversary

The Selkirk College Homecoming Weekend will include a number of community events and activities. One of the highlights will be recognition of The Great Trek when the first Selkirk College students who started in temporary makeshift classes at Celgar walked to the new campus in January, 1967 where they moved in for the remainder of the school term. — Photo courtesy Selkirk College

Fifty years ago, Selkirk College embarked on its mission to serve the communities of the West Kootenay-Boundary region through inspiring lifelong learning and transforming lives through education.

In September, the college is inviting all those who have been impacted over five decades to return home for a golden celebration.

Earthquake and tsunami exercise in Port Alberni recalls shaky past

Just after midnight on March 28, 1964, tsunami waves from the earthquake funnelled up 40 kilometres of the Alberni Inlet.

Five decades after the Port Alberni tsunami devastated local residences and businesses, the Province of British Columbia is hosting an exercise to test the BC Earthquake Immediate Response Plan and promote interagency co-operation among both internal and external agencies that support emergency response.

On March 27, 1964, a massive earthquake struck Prince William Sound in Alaska.

Motorists should get ready for some delays at Vernon/Stanley intersection

Traffic advisory signs showing drivers of the upcoming construction at Stanley and Vernon Streets in Nelson were posted last week. — The Nelson Daily photo

Drivers travelling through Nelson using Highway 3A during June should add a little extra time to the schedule as road crews begin construction to at the crosswalk at Stanley and Vernon Streets.

Currently there are traffic advisory signs posted on the Nelson overpass and at the corner of Front and Cedar Streets as well as speed indicators to inform drivers of the project.

Prescribed burn to occur near Crawford Bay

Smoke maybe visible from the communities of Queens Bay, Balfour, Crawford Bay and from the Kootenay Lake ferry during Monday's burn.

BC Timber Sales personnel in conjunction with the BC Wildfire Service will be conducting a prescribed burn Monday (June 6) weather permitting.

Smoke from this prescribed burn will be visible from the communities of Queens Bay, Balfour, Crawford Bay and from the Kootenay Lake ferry. Trained BC Wildfire Service personnel will carefully monitor the fires at all times.

Crawford Creek burn, 11 kilometres northeast of Crawford Bay:


Time for a change -- to no time changes!

Tired of afternoons as dark as night in the fall, after the onset of Standard Time?  Weary of having to force your body to adjust to a new time regime twice a year?  There's hope on the horizon: the BC Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution at its AGM on May 31 to ask the BC government to work with other provincial and state governments in the Pacific Northwest Economic Region and the Pacific Coast Collaborative to all adopt Daylight Saving Time as the Pacific "standard"  time -- to stay on daylight saving time all year. 

Kootenay Columbia MP tables Bill to establish National Local Food Day

Kootenay–Columbia MP Wayne Stetski said importance of local food is something that needs to be recognized and something that needs to be celebrated.

Kootenay–Columbia MP Wayne Stetski has introduced a Private Member’s Bill to establish National Local Food Day.

Stetski, in a media release, said the bill would designate the Friday before Thanksgiving of each year as National Local Food Day.
“The importance of local food is something that needs to be recognized and something that needs to be celebrated,” said Stetski.

Local firefighters receive HazMat Technician training

A decontamination team, in yellow, removes hazardous materials from the technicians in blue, who were involved in containing a simulated deadly gas leak. — Photo courtesy Nelson Fire Rescue

The men dressed in the funny yellow and blue suits at the Nelson Fire Hall are part of the HazMat Technician course hosted this week by Nelson Fire Rescue Services, in conjuction with the Justice Institute of B.C.

The students, all experienced specialist members of fire departments and heavy industry from around the West Kootenays, are taking the course to learn how to not only identify hazardous materials involved in incidents and to protect citizens from the effects of their release, but also to minimize those releases and in many cases to actually stop them altogether. 

Now there's real incentive for not talking on the cell when driving

Now there's real incentive for not talking on the cell when driving

In case you missed that the latest month on the calendar is June, meaning new distracted driving penalties are now in effect with higher fines, more penalty points and possible driving prohibitions for repeat offenders.

As of June 1, 2016, each distracted driving offence is calculated using the fine of $368, (up from $167) combined with escalating Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) driver penalty point premiums and possible driving prohibitions.

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