Funding freeze on for new facilities as IHA moves primary care into households: Cusden

The IHA is implementing a five-point strategy for the coming year.

The best way to improve health care delivery in Nelson is not by enhancing its health care facilities, but by keeping potential patients in their homes, says the interim health service administrator for the Interior Health Authority.

Jane Cusden told city council on Monday that the IHA directive for the mostly rural service region — which includes Nelson — is under its primary community care model, one which is preventative in nature, treating people in their homes before they need a hospital.

Sprouted garlic, and how to deal with garlic breath

Sprouted garlic -- don't toss it out

'Tis the season to be jolly, fal-la-la-la-lah and so on -- but it's hard to feel jolly while afflicted with a stuffed or runny nose, headache, coughs and sneezes.  Colds are  not usually  a reason to lurch off  to your doctor; the doctor will just tell you to rest, take lots of hot fluids, and avoid spreading your germs around.  Well, viruses.

Many of us swear by hot home-made chicken broth with onions and garlic to help us vanquish a cold. But what if the garlic is starting to sprout, with little green shoots poking out?

Illicit drug death numbers hit new record

From left, Dr. Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer; Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe; Clayton Pecknold, Director of Police Services release the latest information regarding illicit drug deaths in B.C. during a media conference Monday. — Photo courtesy BC Government

The month of November brought the highest number of illicit drug deaths in B.C. for a single month in recent memory, according to the latest statistics from the BC Coroners Service.

Provisional data shows that a total of 128 persons died as a result of illicit drug use during November, an average of more than four a day. The previous high for a single month was 82 in January, 2016.

The November numbers bring the total illicit drug deaths for the year to 755, an increase of 70.4% over the number of deaths occurring the same time period last year.

Wilderness preparedness and safety tips

Anyone who makes the decision to go into the backcountry must be able to take care of themselves and their companions.

British Columbia is full of opportunities and unforgettable recreational experiences. But to safely enjoy this province, everyone venturing out into the wilderness has the responsibility of adequately preparing for the trip.

As the number of people in the wilderness has increased in recent years, so have the number of search and rescue operations undertaken by volunteers. Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is encouraging all outdoor enthusiasts to make good decisions in order to stay safe.

COLUMN: Tread Lightly

Too much stuff?

How much stuff will you give and receive this holiday season? Add it to the growing pile — the 30-trillion-tonne pile. That’s how much technology and goods humans have produced, according to a study by an international team led by England’s University of Leicester. It adds up to more than all living matter on the planet, estimated at around four trillion tonnes.

BC statement regarding new Canadian drugs and substances strategy

Officials are seeing illegally produced fentanyl and its analogues imported in varying amounts and mixed with other drugs.

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris and Minister of Health Terry Lake, along with the co-chairs of the Joint Task Force on Overdose Response, Dr. Perry Kendall and Clayton Pecknold, issued the following joint statement today in response to the federal announcement regarding a new Canadian drugs and substances strategy:



Guillain-Barré  ("Ghee-yan Bah-ray") Syndrome  can cause muscle weakness and temporary paralysis, and can be life-threatening.  In susceptible individuals, it can be triggered by bacteria in undercooked chicken, or in other contaminated food or even water.  The suspected link between Campylobacter jejuni, a bacterium commonly found in raw and undercooked poultry, and Guillain-Barré  Syndrome  has recently been established by a research team at Michigan State University in the United States.

Interior Health year in review: Message from Board Chair Erwin Malzer

Board Chair Erwin Malzer

This is a busy time of year, but I find it’s also a time of reflection, particularly as January marks the end of my two-year term as Chair and my 10 years serving on the Board of Interior Health.
In an effort to decrease demand on hospital and residential services, we continue to shift our focus to integrated primary and community care. We are developing new approaches and solutions that will benefit patients while making our health care system more sustainable.
There were several other important announcements this year.

Daily reminders to increase calcium intake are effective

Jung notes that this age group tend to encourage their children to drink milk, but forget the importance of ensuring they get enough calcium.

UBC researchers have demonstrated that simple, cost-effective email messages can help improve the health habits of Canadians.

Mary Jung, an assistant professor of health and exercise sciences at UBC's Okanagan campus, recently completed a nationwide study with more than 730 Canadians who were not meeting Canada’s recommended dietary intake for calcium. Participants received an email — with evidence-based daily tips and strategies on how to increase calcium intake — four days in a row.

Last week brings BC highest number of 911 overdose calls ever recorded

Last week brings BC highest number of 911 overdose calls ever recorded

B.C. paramedics and dispatchers will be getting much-needed support from the provincial government in the face of the province's opioid overdose crisis, with a $5-million injection of funding for BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS), Health Minister Terry Lake announced Friday.

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