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Weekend blitz targets impaired drivers in Nelson area

Officers from Nelson Police Department, Nelson RCMP and West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit work together to check up to 300 vehicles during the weekend.

A weekend blitz by local police resulted in seven drivers being removed from the road due to alcohol impairment said RCMP in a media release Monday.

The blitz involved officers from Nelson Police Department, Nelson RCMP and the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit work together targeting impaired drivers in the Nelson area. Officers checked between 200 to 300 drivers.

‘Those drivers lost their drivers licences ranging from 3 to 90 days and their vehicles impounded ranging from 3 to 30 days for varying degrees of impairment,” the media release said.

"Police have extensive training and resources at their disposal to apprehend drivers impaired by any substance and frequently work together to make to make the roads safe,” said Sergeant Chad Badry, in charge of West Kootenay Traffic Service. “Ultimately, we want everyone to get home safely.”

Police said one incident that sticks out happened when police were called to a liquor establishment where staff were attempting to stop a heavily intoxicated female from driving.

When police arrived on scene, it was determined the female was heard saying she was going to drive back to Castlegar.

Police said the female was then seen leaving the establishment and then got into the driver's seat of her vehicle.

Police said the female refused to provide a breath sample and as such was given a 90-day Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibition and her vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

“Choosing to drive under the influence of anything impairing your ability to operate a vehicle is a horrible choice that is entirely preventable," Badry said.