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Nelson: The buck stops (w)here (a blog on the City's transit cuts)

Xun Ke Lao has been a resident of Nelson for many years.

His view on the issues and topics of Nelson are insightful, no-holds barred and cut through much of the political murkiness that cloud municipal events.

His blog entries will be presented here as a regular feature of The Nelson Daily.

The Transit Update in the Committee of the Whole meeting, Sep. 19, 2011, packed a startling surprise for Council! and the Whole - it was not so much an update as a revelation. Several, actually.

Needing everybody present - with the exception of City Manager Kevin Cormack and probably Mayor Dooley - to deconstruct most of what we had (been fed) before on the transit-issue - and reconstruct with what we were force-fed now by Kevin Schubert, BC Transit.

His organization running us, working it - seemingly since the new buses were bought - at least.

Which actually they weren't - a crucial distinction with consequences! So why did we think they had been bought - and left to believe this?