'Tis the sealing season.

'Tis the sealing season.

 I haven't got my assessment report back yet, but I expect I will soon enough. It doesn't matter since I already have a fair idea of some of the things I need to do.
Each night cold air drips down my basement walls. I've put it off for long enough already: Insulate and seal up the rims and put blue foam wall to wall.

I won't know until I get my report if it's worth it to go for gold and insulate the basement to R-23, or if most of the energy savings are already realized at R-10 with a less expensive, thinner wall.

Is there such a thing as an advanced Yogi?

Is there such a thing as an advanced Yogi?

A beginner's mind.

Every time you step onto your mat, every time you interact with someone, every time you head into the world and take a deep breath is an opportunity to practice, and opportunity to let go and to open your mind to the possibilities.

It doesn’t matter if you have never practiced Yoga before, or if you are a longtime practioner, once you take a step onto your mat it is a new experience. With a beginners mind you have no expectation, you can be open to whatever the experience provides you. The longer I have been practicing Yoga, the more humble I become.

COMMENT: What is my world?

COMMENT: What is my world?

I am not sure how it is for you, but for me, truth is not so much in seeing, but in questioning.

If I should see someone on the corner, or in the doorway, looking for help with something, and my question is: “I wonder what he did, or did not do, to end up like that?" then I have created a truth about my world and how I see it. I have created a truth about my world and how it sees me.

Good News Bears ignore Essential Elephant-residential surgery

For the last decade, good news about health care locally has been scarce. Recently, Dr. Brian Goldman, celebrated Nelson’s Kootenay Lake Hospital (KLH) has having “top notch maternal care for such a small community.” Goldman’s evaluation went across Canada on CBC’s “White Coat, Black Art.” Goldman’s visit to Nelson followed an announcement this summer about a long-awaited enhanced eye care programme. Also, patients soon will have CT scanner access plus a modernized emergency room at KLH.

Radiation Detox and Safety

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With all the radiation exposure in recent months, it's highly important to understand how to organically detox oneself from radioactive particles as well as viruses and heavy metals from fallout with a healthy as well as beneficial natural treatment called natural zeolite. The following is not dangerous for any person, which includes small children and seniors and works with your entire body to join and safely and securely release all types of substances, metals and various other dangerous things out of ones own human body.

Earth will be pummeled by old satellite portions

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite has been revolving about the world for the last two decades. The satellite arrived at what NASA called "the end of a productive scientific life" a full six years back. By Saturday, UARS is expected to come falling back to Earth. Resource for this article:

How UARS has lived

Willow the cat found across nation after 5 years

Willow, a calico feline who went missing five years ago, has been discovered on the roads of Manhattan. What she did in that time, and just how she got more than 1,600 miles from him, we can't know. But she will soon be rejoined with her household. Article source: Willow the cat makes incredible journey from Colorado to Manhattan

Lost due to reconstruction

Rossland REAL Food: Harvest Season Means Harvest Rescue Time!

Harvest Season Means Harvest Rescue Time! If you have unwanted fruit, this article is for you!

Life as Betty....

It was my birthday last week and totally contrary to my personality instead of heading out and hitting the trails I just hung out and took a day off. It was awesome to sit back and relax with the knowledge of a weekend of biking just on the horizon. This weekend past was the annual Silver Mtn Brewsfest. Silver mountain is in Kellogg, Idaho and a great place to go downhill. The Brewsfest is a super cool event; for less than the price of a regular lift ticket you get to ride the mountain bike trails, try out beers from 30 different breweries and listen to cool music.

Rossland REAL Food: FAQ on Growing Garlic in Rossland

Rossland REAL Food: FAQ on Growing Garlic in Rossland
The Rossland REAL Food blog is a collaborative space for people to provide their thoughts and expertise on gardening, sustainable living, food preserving, recipes and more. Rossland REAL Food will aim to have a new entry every two weeks on a new and exciting topic that addresses these themes. FAQ on Growing Garlic in Rossland: Some of the questions you had about garlic and were not afraid to ask... Lots of people have been asking me about garlic. And by lots I mean three. So I thought maybe there was a need for a garlic primer. Or not.
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