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Letter: Feds need to deal with climate crisis, now

To The Editor:

It’s only mid July and Canada is already on track for one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. And, that’s even before we consider the floods, drought and other impacts of the extreme heat we’re seeing this summer.

I’m worried not just because climate change is clearly here, but because our government isn’t acting at the pace and scale we need to meet this crisis head on. If Justin Trudeau was serious about tackling the climate crisis, he would be acting decisively right now to put out this proverbial fire by stopping fossil fuel expansion and passing a Just Transition into law.

Canada’s fossil fuel industry is our largest source of emissions, but our government continues to support their expansion. And, they have yet to take action to help workers transition into other industries. In his 2019 campaign Trudeau promised to pass a Just Transition Act, but with another election on the horizon, nothing has happened.

We deserve better. It’s been more than two years since our government declared a climate emergency, it’s way past time they started acting like we’re actually in one.

Sincerely, Chris Chart, Nelson, BC