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Letter: Canadian Flag should invoke national pride

To The Editor:

Recently we witnessed a renewed explosion of anger protesting protective health measures over COVID.  

Prior to last month, we saw smaller virulent expressions and scattered demonstrations opposing vaccines, masks or even social distancing.  This time it has grown into an assault on the citizens of Ottawa, and disruptions in other areas.   

The apparent symbol of the revolt is the Canadian flag (interspersed with some pro-Trump and other vile flags).

The flag is a symbol to invoke national pride and although Canada is far from perfect, there are some things I believed most of us valued, like our universal health care system and caring for each other in times of emergency. 

This isn’t a trucker revolt because most truckers are hauling goods every day regardless of what horrible winter dangers they have to face, and 90% are vaccinated.  At Coutts, Alberta and Windsor, Ontario, truckers coming to Canada are being blocked at the border by protesters. 

This isn’t about a liberation of the population from unfair orders.  The anti-mask, anti-vax protestors call the rest of us sheep when we prefer to follow the lead of experts rather than their delusions.  It isn’t about a fanciful world conspiracy that allegedly has leaders from every political stripe trying to suppress their populations.  Expert doctors sounded the alarm and governments responded.

No, it is a flare up by a minority who disagree with healthcare professionals and undemocratically want to impose their demands. Those who made a choice not to be vaccinated but think it should never have consequences.

Our flag does not symbolize mob rule.  If the minority of our citizens are not prepared to dig in and make sacrifices like the rest of us to try and be part of a collective solution, then the Canadian flag isn’t the symbol they should be displaying.

 Cindy McCallum Miller, Castlegar, BC