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New policy assists B.C. liquor manufacturers enhance visitor experiences

Province of British Columbia
By Province of British Columbia
April 8th, 2024

As the summer tourism season approaches, British Columbia’s wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries are gearing up to offer enhanced tour and service experiences for visitors.

“Recent years have been difficult for wineries and tourism across the province, and we are taking action to support these valuable businesses,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

“The changes we are making will create better experiences for visitors of wineries and liquor manufacturers across the province, helping them – and all of B.C. – to be a more competitive and desirable destination for visitors. ”

In response to industry feedback, the Province has implemented a suite of policy changes to enhance visitor experiences at wineries and other liquor-manufacturing sites this summer.

Improvements to the customer experience include:

  • allowing people to sit and enjoy samples while on a guided tour;
  • allowing packaged liquor sales in more places on site, including tours;
  • allowing more flexibility around sampling so liquor manufacturers can customize sampling experiences for visitors; and
  • allowing manufacturers to sell and promote their products in picnic areas and host visitors more effectively.

These changes reflect the Province’s commitment to strengthening tourism and supporting the liquor industry. By partnering with liquor manufacturers, government aims to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of an industry that is vital to the province’s economy and identity.

“Fruit and mead wineries appreciate the work done to allow for a better, more seamless visitor experience at our wineries,” said Pat Bell, chair of New Wave Wine Society, representing fruit and mead wineries in B.C.

“Each of our wineries host thousands of visitors each year and creating flexibility in the delivery of our services will continue to build the experience fruit and mead wineries want to deliver.”

Miles Prodan, president & CEO, Wine Growers British Columbia said Wine Growers BC appreciates these practical updates to improving the visitor experience at a B.C. winery.

“Wine tourism is a critical contributor to a winery’s bottom line and an economic impact that is felt across the province.”

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