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Nelson Fire & Rescue Services successfully completes prescribed burn

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April 15th, 2024

In another step toward the City of Nelson’s wildfire mitigation efforts, Nelson Fire & Rescue Services (NFRS), with the support of the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), successfully completed a prescribed burn on April 2nd of the area surrounding the Highway 6/3A interchange in the city.

 This controlled burn, part of a broader wildfire risk reduction strategy, effectively removed years of accumulated dry grass, significantly lowering the risk of wildfire ignition in the coming summer and subsequent seasons.

 Residents in adjacent areas were notified in advance of the operation, allowing for necessary preparations such as closing windows to minimize the impact of smoke. The community’s understanding and cooperation were instrumental in the successful execution of this project. 

Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“We are grateful for the community’s support and understanding.  Some smoke was produced as expected, but the residents I spoke with were still supportive as we wrapped up the burn day,” said Rob Leland, the Wildfire Resilience Program Coordinator for the City of Nelson.

 The burned areas will rejuvenate with fresh, green grass, creating a healthier and more fire-resistant landscape. This regeneration process follows that of the natural cycle of wildfire and re-growth in less urban ecosystems.

 In addition to managing the hazard of the dry grass, the prescribed burn provided a valuable training opportunity for NFRS to work hand in hand with the BCWS as the fire department continues improving its wildfire response capacity. 

“We thank the BC Wildfire Service for their support and expertise in making this project a success.  It’s really important that we train with other agencies so that we know how to work together effectively when the time comes,” said Nelson Fire Chief Jeff Hebert.

As Nelson looks forward to a safer fire season, the City continues to explore and implement a broad range of wildfire management strategies, demonstrating leadership in wildfire preparedness and community protection.

This dovetails with the broader strategy being adopted across the province as other municipalities and First Nations re-introduce fire onto the landscape through prescribed burning. 

 The upcoming Selous Creek prescribed burn just outside of Nelson is another such initiative planned to be conducted by the BCWS this spring.

The burned areas will rejuvenate with fresh, green grass, creating a healthier and more fire-resistant landscape.

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