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Harrop-Proctor Community Forest provides foundation to building healthy community

Ari Lord
By Ari Lord
August 30th, 2022

Located on the southern shore of Kootenay Lake, the Harrop-Proctor Community Forest cooperative is a vital resource.

“We’re owned by the residents of Harrop and Proctor, so it’s very much a community-based organization; we’re a cooperative. Our approach is based on community values,” says Erik Leslie, Forest Manager of the community forest.

All funds garnered from forest products in this 11,300-hectare forest are invested in building a healthy community.

The forest products are milled in Harrop and sold to contractors and homeowners in southeastern BC and beyond.

Leslie explains that the cooperative created and distributed high-quality educational videos that reflect their decade-plus working on community wildfire protection.

“There’s a huge hunger for information, especially in the last five years,” Leslie said.

“We wanted to use our community forest as an example of the kind of work involved in community wildfire protection and share that with other communities and within our community.”

Hall Printing Daily Dose reporter Sarah Lord takes a closer look at the Harrop-Proctor Community Forest cooperative in this edition of the Daily Dose

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