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Doctors tour Kootenays to warn parents about vaccinating kids

Lone Sheep Publishing
By Lone Sheep Publishing
April 12th, 2022

A suspended doctor and a few colleagues toured the Kootenays over the weekend to warn parents about the risks of vaccinating kids.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse was joined by Dr. Sophia Bayfield and Dr. Kevin Sclater at speaking engagements in Nelson, Trail and Castlegar April 8 and 9 to explain that the risks of children under the age of 19 getting COVID-19 is “statistically zero”.

The doctors said the dangers of the COVID-19 shot for the same age group are significant, including myocarditis, stroke, arrhythmias of the heart and even death.

Dr. Malthouse, a family practitioner from Denman Island, was ordered temporarily suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for allegedly spreading false narratives of COVID-19.

“Experimental, genetic modifying drugs are being pushed on children as young as (five) 5 years old yet information necessary to make an informed decision about their child’s health is not readily available to parents and guardians,” the Doctors on Tour in the Kootenays media release said.

The Doctors presented data from a variety of sources, including from Pfizer, that over a six month trial showed an increase in adverse events, an increase in severe adverse events, and an increase in deaths. 

The Doctors said that further information that the mRNA vaccines are still only experimental and have had inadequate trials and that healthy children are not at risk of serious symptoms or death from Covid-19, parents and guardians are encouraged to gather as much information as possible before having their children vaccinated.

“Children in Canada are being preyed upon by health policies,” the Doctors on Tour in the Kootenays media release said.

The Doctors said Health Canada recently approved the Pfizer shot for 5–11-year-old children, and pop-up clinics are being rolled out.

The Doctors also said World Health Organization drafted a document stating that attending schools is “implied consent”.

The Doctors said European countries like Finland, Sweden and Denmark have stopped some vaccines to people from the age of 30 due to concerns about heart damage, and Taiwan stopped administering another vaccine to anyone under the age of 18 due to the very high risk of side effects including bleeding, heart attacks and strokes.

The Doctors said parents and guardians need to compare the risks of the vaccination to the risks of the virus before making a decision about vaccination.

The Doctors’ intent of the tour was to provide the resources necessary for the public to make informed decisions.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-vaccination rallies have become a staple in the West Kootenay.

The latest opposition came in February when the Kootenay Freedom Freedom Convoy rolled through the West Kootenay Sunday afternoon, making appearances in Ymir, Salmo, Fruitvale, Trail and Castlegar before landing in Nelson as people protested COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions that have been in place in one form or another for the past two years.

The Doctors were on stage showinga power point presentation at the Old Castle theatre in Castlegar on April 8th. — Submitted photo

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