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Letter: Follow the science

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
February 13th, 2022

To The Editor:

In a recent newsletter from our Kootenay – Columbia MP, Rob Morrison, there were some comments with which I fully agree – follow the science and science is not a political prop. 

As we know, science really provides the supporting evidence behind most of the health related policies currently in place.

In his heavily politicized statement, the MP was adamant that science should not be politicized. 

His concern that “ … evidence and public health advise change” was an accurate account of how science works.  As available data changes so can policies.  Not responding to new data would be negligent.

Continuing with his politicized statement, our MP added that the Prime Minister was using the pandemic “ … to wedge, divide and stigmatize Canadians”.  By extension, the logic might be that if there was no pandemic, the Prime Minister would need a different strategy to wedge, divide and stigmatize Canadians. 

Remember, follow the science and don’t politicize.

Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC


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