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Slocan Valley Author Pens New Intimate Memoir on Losing her Sister and Mother

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September 21st, 2021

Slocan Valley’s Rita Moir, award-winning author and former freelance journalist for the Globe and Mail and CBC Radio, is no stranger to grief.

Her mother and sister underwent heart surgery in the same week; a year later her sister was dead while her elderly mother lived for many more years. 

She explores this disruption of what she calls “the natural order” through her new memoir, Not of Reason: A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness. In it, shegifts the reader with her “recipe” for surviving the unthinkable through heartfelt prose and a healthy dose of humour. 

“I seem to write about death. People grow leery when they see me approaching with a notebook,” says Moir, who describes how “finding your strength and humour before and after a death tests your courage and resilience.” 

“If you have navigated the bonds of family, experienced love and loss, and enjoyed the simple triumph of getting through the day intact and with a sense of humour, this book is for you,” says Anne DeGrace, author of Flying with Amelia.

In Not of Reason: A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness, Moir grapples with what it means to live with loss while making space for love and the beauty of the everyday. Her journalist’s eye for detail brings sharp clarity to this vulnerable and contemplative work.

“I needed this book,” says Angie Abdou, author of CBC Canada Reads finalist The Bone Cage, describing Moir’s memoir as “a beautiful meditation on life, death, family, loss, and love.” 

Not of Reason feels like a glass of wine with your wisest, warmest, most honest friend,” she says. “Rita Moir is a gift.” 

Not of Reason: A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness was released for sale September 17th, 2021.

Details about the book can be found at

Rita Moir will hold a free book launch Sunday, October 17th at the Vallican Whole Community Centre at 2 p.m.

She will also be giving a reading at the Nelson Municipal Library October 27th at 7 p.m. 

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