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Nelson International Mural Festival hosts workshops

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August 1st, 2021

The Nelson International Mural Festival will not only host a myriad of creators and musicians in celebration of the arts and community – but they will also host workshops (live and digital) throughout the fest that are free, open-level and utterly engaging.  Pre-registration is a must. 

 To learn more about the workshops offered, and to pre-register, please click HERE.

From the musical odyssey of body percussion, to the art of story-telling, to the practice of yoga – these workshops allow people to expand their knowledge, foster their interests, and to come together as a community.  BC’s funk and soul dynamo, the incredibly talented Dawn Pemberton, will be hosting a virtual gathering that is sure to inspire and bring joy via the movement of the body in making music. 

The enigmatic Damian John (an acclaimed creator, graphic novelist, and artist) will be sharing ways to tell key stories through art – and Beatchild (the prolific musician, producer and designer) will be hosting a webinar on the workings of crafting a song that represents you and your creativity in powerful ways. 

With many others to choose from, these workshops will continue to build upon the celebration of art, community and coming together.

About The Nelson Mural Festival
Cultural vibrancy in Nelson continues to flourish under the festival’s engagement of street artists, muralists, creators, and art enthusiasts joining the festival from the local, national, and international art scene. Through large scale public artworks, educational opportunities, and by animating the public sphere with reflections of local cultures, histories, and stories, the NDAC furthers and fortifies collaboration amongst artists, businesses, and community members. The festival is inclusive of all cultures, genders, ages, and abilities. The NDAC strives to create a barrier-free festival by hosting all events at accessible public spaces and offering all events and activities free of charge.

About Nelson District Arts Council
NDAC has individual and group members who all participate in art and culture related activities. Members represent such disciplines as theatre, music, dance, visual arts, crafts, heritage, and writing. We present a number of projects each year intended to foster the arts in Nelson and District including Nelson ArtWalk, Hidden Creek Artist Residency, Appetite for Art, the Dance Educator’s Showcase, the Rural Artist Support Weekend, the Nelson International Mural Festival and Bigby Place Arts Initiative. Fostering communication, networking and providing support to members is one of NDAC’s main objectives. In addition, members and member groups are eligible through us for small funding awards from the B.C. Arts Council.  Advocacy, representation, and education are all important in fostering greater appreciation and support of arts and culture in the Nelson area. NDAC also has a seat on the Cultural Development Committee for the City of Nelson, working toward a more coordinated arts, culture and heritage community.

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