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Sign-Up for City of Nelson Emergency Notifications

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July 13th, 2021

The City of Nelson has upgraded its Emergency Notification System to issue emergency alerts to Nelson residents and visitors.

Now is the time to download the App and sign up for Nelson Emergency Notifications! We are excited to report we are now using the Voyent Alert! System that aligns with communities throughout the Kootenays, including the RDCK, RDKB and RDEK.

 Everyone who downloads the App and signs up will receive emergency notifications when necessary, on whatever device they choose – smartphones, computers, tablets or landlines. Users can select to use emails, text messages or voice. 

Nelson residents and visitors should download the Voyent Alert! App through the Apple Store or Google Play, sign up as soon as possible or register online. 

All residences and businesses will be receiving a card in the mail with further information this week.

Emergency Notifications will only be used for significant emergencies such as a nearby wildfire, hazardous materials release, extreme weather or other high consequence events. Notifications will advise users on what is happening and what they should do, such as preparing for an evacuation or taking shelter by closing all doors and windows.

Signing up for Emergency Notification is an essential part of individual and community preparedness.

How to sign-up?

Here are some options to sign-up for Voyent Alert!

1.     Visit and click on the Emergency Notification icon at the top of the home page, which will take you to the sign-up page.

2.     Click on the QR code to take you to the sign-up page.

3.     Visit your favourite App store to download the Voyent Alert! App and sign-up. 

Emergency Preparedness / Grab-and-Go Bag

In addition to signing up to receive Emergency Notifications, everyone should have an Emergency Preparedness Plan. If asked to evacuate, residents should know in advance where they will go and how they will get there. Plan to help neighbours who might need assistance.

Emergency services are likely to be very busy dealing with the incident, so plan to be self-sufficient.  

As part of your Plan, be sure to identify how you will communicate with loved ones if cellular service is not working. 

Everyone should keep a “Grab-and-Go Bag” packed and ready for immediate use.  

Don’t’ forget to plan for your pets – have carriers, food, leashes etc., in a “Grab-and-Go Bag” as well.  In these unprecedented times, we have seen that wildfires can happen quickly and unexpectedly.  Making a plan, having a “Grab-and-Go” bag, and getting notifications will help us all in the event of an emergency here in Nelson.

For more information on the Nelson Emergency Notifications, visit

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