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Oxygen hosts remote residency featuring Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis

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July 13th, 2021

Oxygen Art Centre is pleased to announce Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis as Artists-in-Residence throughout the month of August. 

Daedalus and Davis are a multi-disciplinary, collaborative artist team and cofounders of Roll-Up Gallery, an artist-run, contemporary exhibition space in Portland, Oregon.

Having relocated in 2019 from Portland, Oregon to a rural hamlet on the Grays River, the artists are fortunate to live and work next to 55 acres of Sitka spruce swamp protected by the Columbia Land Trust. Over the past year Daedalus and Davis have been working with local organic materials and photographic processes to initiate a new body of work about this relatively obscure corner of the natural world.

 “We are grateful for the opportunity the residency affords us to develop this work and deepen our intimacy with this place through our artistic practice,” the artists said.

“More than capturing moments, we imagine the project as witnessing flowing time and meditating on impermanence, both in process and outcome.”

During their remote residency, Daedalus and Davis will transmit updates through Oxygen’s website and social media channels to share a close view into their methods, mediums, and practice.

Conceived under the title, “Palus,” the Latin word for marsh, the residency is a continuation of their work with the Columbia River through alternative photographic processes such as photograms, diazotypes, cyanotypes, and fugitive plant-based processes such as anthotypes of lichens, ferns and other flora and fauna.

These alternative photographic explorations and their embodied, experiential reflections will later compose an artist monograph wherein Daedelus and Davis’s residency will be further considered alongside authors, ecologists, and poets.

The book will be available to the public in Fall 2021, accompanied by an online book launch and artist talk, which will be announced at a later date.

Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis will be Oxygen Art Centre’s Artists-in-Residence from August 2 – 28, 2021.

The work and experiences developed throughout this month will be published in book form as an artist monograph. To learn more information about the artists, the residency, and the monograph, visit or contact

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