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Vehicle stop leads to man charged with drug trafficking

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 20th, 2021

Nelson Police is recommending drug trafficking charges after a man was stopped for a vehicle inspection Tuesday.

In a media release Wednesday, Nelson Police said officers, with the assistance of officers from the Nelson detachment of the RCMP, conducted a vehicle stop of a male known to the police.

“The vehicle stop was made in connection with a drug investigation that had been initiated by the Nelson Police Department,” Nelson Police said.

“As a result of the stop a search of the vehicle being driven by the man was conducted. 

“Subsequently, a search warrant was executed on the residence of the male.” 

Nelson Police said the search resulted in finding a considerable amount of cash and a late model vehicle, that was seized by police. 

“The cash and vehicle will be forwarded to the BC Civil Forfeiture group for their consideration,” Nelson Police said.

“The province of BC may apply to a court to have the money and vehicle forfeited to the provincial government if they can prove that vehicle and funds were obtained as a result of unlawful activity.”

Nelson Police said a quantity of drugs was also seized during the searches, indicating that the man was involved in selling drugs within the Nelson area.

“The male was released from custody after he promised to appear in court at a later date,” Nelson Police said.

“The Nelson Police Department will prepare a report to Crown Counsel recommending drug trafficking charges.”

 May Long Weekend Water and Boat Safety Reminder

With the approaching long weekend and warm weather, the Nelson Police Department would like to remind the public to stay safe on and near the water.

“The water levels are set to rise and with that will come an increase in colder waters as well as stronger currents,” Nelson Police said.

“Cold water may create Cold Shock which can cause muscle cramping and cause incapacitation.”

Nelson Police said the public should never underestimate the power of a current as swimmers or waders can be swept away in an instant. 

“Be cautious about swimming in currents,” Nelson Police said.

“Please consider equipping your life jacket with a whistle.  Whistles are used to notify people if you are in distress in the water and may save your life.”

Nelson Police said boat launches are starting to see an increase in traffic and the department would like to remind people to stay clear of boat launches and not to jump off the docks at Lakeside Park as boaters cannot see any obstacles behind boats while backing in and may not be able to navigate around people in the water while docking a boat.

“We wish you all a safe and wonderful weekend,” Nelson Police said.

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