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Climate Change Show highlights Nelson

By Contributor
May 17th, 2021

A local tech company is aiming to inspire meaningful conversation with kids around climate change.

Called, LIVE IT EARTH, the company produces a series of eight interactive episodes per school year including lessons that take kids up close and personal with wildlife, trek them to lava-spewing volcanoes and explore issues like natural resource transition, ocean plastics and wildfires.

Their upcoming Climate Change program is set to air on Thursday, May 20th at 10 a.m. in English and 11 a.m. in French.

“There’s a lot of anxiety around climate change,” says Live It Earth co-founder Mike Irvine.

“In this program we’ll be exploring what climate change is, what makes it such a difficult problem to solve and how kids can be part of the solution.”

In Climate Change: Community Action, Live It Earth interviews Alison Cretney from the Energy Futures Lab in Alberta, Nelson city councilor Rik Logtenberg, and Steven Cretney, a project lead at the Nest Lab, Nelson’s social innovation lab for Climate Change.

In addition to just watching the program when it airs on May 20th, Irvine says one of the best parts of a Live It Earth program is that students get to ask their questions live.

Both Rik Logtenberg and Steven Cretney will be volunteering their time to answer students questions while they watch the program.

Climate Change: Community Action is designed for students from K-8 and comes with a selection of STEAM activities and challenges. Parents and Teachers can normally access the series with an annual subscription but Live It Earth has opened up this program for free.

The public can sign up for it at:

Photo Caption: Live It Host Blue Netherclift interviews the Nest Lab’s Steven Cretney on bikes for the upcoming Climate Change: Community Action feature show on Live It Earth. — Photo courtesy Melissa Welsh/LIve It Earth

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