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New Dance Work latest online offering from Capitol Theatre

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April 1st, 2021

This Sunday, April 11th, local dancers Glynis Waring, Slava Doval and Amanda Papailhou together with a local multi-instrumental musician, Nella Banner will premiere their new show, “Respired”, in a streamed presentation from the Capitol Theatre.

This event marks the first collaboration for the four artists who have known each other for some time and expressed a mutual admiration. Their shared ability to draw from a combination of structured form and improvisation has helped to shape their collective work and keep it alive and fresh through the development and now into the production.

Performing using Ableton Live to create in-the-moment loops, Banner will draw from her musical roots in folk, jazz and classical music and use a combination of violin, synth, electronic drums and voice to create the foundation over which the three others move in a conversation between musician and dancer.

When asked about the choice of title for the show, Glynis Waring touches on the literal meaning as well as the metaphor.

“In our early conversation about the piece, we all talked about breath and how it can influence, shape, and change the quality of a movement and music,” Waring says.

“Respired means breath, or to recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty. It feels very fitting and timely and also fits the themes which are explored in the show.”

Part of the Capitol Theatre’s Homegrown series, “Respired” was originally slated to be an in-person show with 50 person audience however since December, the Capitol has been unable to admit patrons due to provincial restrictions. This show is the latest to pivot to a streamed format and Waring has fully embraced the opportunity and the novelty.

“As performers, a streamed show feels like a new adventure! It makes you think of the things from the viewers’ perspective and guides your decision-making when it comes to conveying the theme and energy through a screen versus in person.”

 “Respired” will be available to view online starting April 11th at 7:30 p.m. and remain on-demand for one (1) week. Tickets are $10 plus service fee and are available at the Capitol Theatre box office (opening hours noon – 2 p.m. Tuesday – Friday), by phone (250-354-6363) or online at Capitol Theatre.  

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